Infibeam is an international Fintech Company that facilitates their customer with digital payment solutions under the name of CC avenue and Enterprise Software solutions under the brand name BuildaBazaar. They are covering a complete spectrum of fintech solutions.

Under one umbrella you can get all the fintech solutions payment acquiring, payment issuance, NEO banking, and bill payment platform. They have more than 10 Lakh merchants in the market.
Since the beginning, Infibeam is working on building a digital platform that not only can scale but can also solve problems at scale. They are dreaming and working to become one of India’s leading Digital Payment Solutions (DPS) and Enterprise Software platforms (ESP) providers.

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Working with Infibeam was a very crucial task for us. We deployed our genius minds to sketch an incredible design for their website. We were just concerned about their expectations which made us put more ideas into the design.

  • Appealing User experience
  • Visually pleasing Typography


Our team created a fascinating wireframe by identifying client’s goals and requirements. Later, we emulsified visual elements with true colour for the enrichment of website. After some revision, we finally completed the design with aesthetics approach.


Infiraise truly understands that it is so difficult to consider a perfect design for a website. Hence, we helped them and deployed good amount of research, creativity, and a great team of designers to sketch a classic design for Infibeam’s website. The client was so impressed with our design and services offered to them.


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