OTU Case Study

OTU is an effort to uplift the unorganized or bottom-of-the-pyramid workforce & bring them to the organized system, in a nutshell, Organizing the unorganized sector of the labor market. The objective of this app is to facilitate access to all basic things such as Jobs, loans, Govt schemes, etc. which they deserve.

OTU is a tech-based platform designed to help those in the unorganized sector of the workforce to gain access to services that would usually be restricted to those in the organized workforce. OTU provides add-on services like Finance, skill upgrades, government policy & health policy awareness, social messaging, and marketplace shopping.

It offers such a platform where employers will be able to get the verified employee’s profile with an adaptable verification system with an employee’s short introduction video, and physical authentication. Using an an appropriate algorithm, OTU offers a means of raising the profile of job seekers among various employers, increasing job opportunities for the people, and helping the community as a whole.


While designing the OTU App we identified the following areas:

  • Choosing an architecture was a big challenge, as such applications require both Top-notch security and scalability.
  • To decide the right infrastructure.

After listening to the client’s requirement we suggested them, have a web and mobile application for their services.

Our Approach

We assembled a group of experts who worked together to bring out the best in the process. To get the beautiful product for the app we considered client objectives, expectations, and budget to deliver an exemplary solution.

  • We followed agile methodology for the better execution of development process.
  • To address the challenges that were discussed earlier, we opted:
    • JAVA-based microservices architecture to provide highest security and flexibility
    • Angular for Front-end application
    • Android & iOS-based mobile apps
    • AWS to provide scalable and maintainable infrastructure
  • We took continuous feedback to improve the application on regular basis.


Infiraise believes that understanding the pain points of these blue-collar groups, solving them well, & delivering a positive customer experience will drive the business forward. Therefore, we have developed OTU in such a way that this will not only help people with their job requirements but also empower them with a multifunctional tool in finance, Govt. schemes, skill upgrades and more.

Considering a good amount of effort, It took around 10 months for our Team to deliver OTU successfully with a dedicated and committed work approach. Currently, OTU has 50+ Employers and 700+ Employees registered & satisfied with the services offered by OTU.


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