RAS stands for “Rent A Self-Drive,” an online cab service provider well known for enhancing the travelling experience. They are committed to providing interesting, safe, and cost effective car renting. Their wide range of vehicles fulfill user requirements at an affordable price.

RAS is one of the leading car rental companies headquartered in Ahmedabad. They have the best fleet of cars that you can rent and embark on your trips. They were looking for some reliable, pocket friendly development company and therefore they interacted with us to gain an amazing solution.

Infiraise developed the RAS app so convenient that your favorite Car can arrive at your doorstep with just a simple click. Whether it’s a family picnic, business tour, or friend’s party, all you need is a comfortable ride with your favorite SUV, sedan or hatchback-RAS delivers an amazing experience to the customer.

Let’s know more about RAS.


  • Real-time Vehicle Update in remote locations
  • The risk associated with fraudulent user traffic


Infiraise gave RAS the ability to differentiate the performance matrix of social media sources that helped them to quickly pair back an underrated area. Our genius minds worked very hard to develop a top-notch security platform to protect from unnecessary fake bookings by using the latest programming technologies.


After a deep comparison with capable competitors, RAS chose INFIRAISE to unify all data sources to one platform that facilitates exact and real-time updates with users.

RAS successfully regathered users’ aspects by re-engaging them with a booking app that helped them with a 25% growth in retention.


We were looking for a budget-friendly yet strong solution to help us. They met our expectations and hence we decided to choose Infirase. Our first meeting was so impressive, the team showed their portfolios, and reviews which helped us to put faith in them. I am very much impressed with your capacity to respond with clarity and thoroughness to a myriad of inquiries. It was a great experience with you people and the result you delivered is simply unbeatable. Thanks for giving wonderful experience.

Vivek Shah


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