Given the fact that Java has been around for over a quarter-century, new java technology trends emerge on a daily basis.

By incorporating these trends into your next Java project, you’ll be able to keep up with the modern consumer.

Watch this space if you want to see what your company can achieve with the latest Java technology trends.

Top 8 Java Technology Trends To Watch in 2022

1. GIT

Almost every developer you encounter will be familiar with GitHub, but few will have mastered Git, a command-line version management system that requires a little more knowledge.

Its web-based sibling, GitHub, is quite handy. From afar, though, any developer who can confidently use Git will appear to be a wizard.

Git isn’t exclusively a Java technology, but it’s still worth discussing if you believe in continuing your education in all things software development.

2. Big Data

Data management is a notion that back-end engineers are familiar with. Big data, on the other hand, necessitates special care. Large and complicated data sets, as well as the approaches data engineers must use to cope with them, are referred to as big data.

It’s in a different league altogether. And just a few programming languages, such as Java and Python, can bear the brunt of it. Java technologies and tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, and Deep learning indicate that Java is a strong competitor for any big data project.

3. Serverless Architecture

An application that operates without requiring you to manage the infrastructure of a real server is referred to as serverless architecture or serverless computing.

Year after year, cloud technology has been at the forefront of people’s minds. This year is no exception.

Fortunately, today’s development trend and Java technology go hand in hand.

Oracle Java Cloud Service, AWS SDK for Java, and Google App Engine are just a few of the cloud development tools available in Java.

4. Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a lightweight, easy-to-deploy Java technology that every competent Java developer should have.

To stay current with Java trends, Java developers must seek out the most recent upgrades to old technologies on a regular basis.

With the recent releases of Spring 5, Spring Security 5.0, and Spring Boot 2.0, your software development team has plenty of opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge.

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5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The sheer promise of AI-driven apps earns them a standing ovation.

By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and nifty automation, artificial intelligence empowers organizations to scale.

And because of Java’s cheap maintenance, high portability, and transparency, it’s a popular choice among enterprises looking for the best results.

6. Mobile and Android Development

For many years, Java plays a prominent role in Android development. But, as is customary in the tech sector, there’s always something fresh to look forward to. Mobile app developers, for example, may now utilize Java to create apps for wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers.

For integration testing, they can leverage Java technologies such as JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, and REST-Assured.

7. Remote Access

There’s no better time to adopt Java than now, with the COVID-19 pandemic radically altering how and where workers get their job done.

Enterprise-scale Java solutions perform very well due to Java’s security features and unique back-end capabilities.

Using Java technology to create a desktop application that provides remote access options for work-from-home customers is a terrific approach to get started.

8. Java 9-17

Though you might have Java developers in your team, Java hasn’t made any dramatic changes to the language since Java 8.

Jigsaw and Reactive Streams modules, as well as API improvements such as collection factory methods in the language, are just a few of the Java features to look forward to.

Really, this Java trend is less about staying hip and more about laying the groundwork for unparalleled Java proficiency.


Business development does not come out of thin air. You must encourage change by experimenting with new ideas and posing challenges to the firm.

In a Java-oriented development environment, one method to do this is to constantly introduce your team to the latest Java Technology Trends.

Java is a powerful and versatile programming language with a lot to offer. All you have to do now is put the tools to work.

Of course, the Right people are also required. You may have just killed two birds with one stone if you’re hunting for Java developers.