There are many things you should know if you wish to work effectively on Java projects as a developer in today’s competitive environment. You’ll need a variety of abilities, and which ones you’ll need will depend on the position you’re applying for. However, based on the most recent assessment of Java programmer skills and current industry needs, we’ll go over the top ten topics a Java programmer should know in 2022.

Are you a Java programmer or a working professional interested in making the switch? Also, are you a working Java developer who wants to advance your career? Then this post is for you; there are certain advanced technologies that Java developers should be aware of in 2022.

Technologies that Java developer should be aware of in 2022

1. Spring Boot 2

Spring Boot 2 is a new version of the Spring Boot framework. This Framework is in charge of the control, whereas Spring Boot is in charge of producing a standalone solution with a standard configuration.

The JAVA Baseline, BOM material, and cradle plugins are the most important components. Its security and responsiveness are ensured by its automated configuration. JAVA also offers technical assistance and enhances the developer’s experience. It is one of the most important tools for a JAVA programmer to know.

Key Features are 

  • It Provides complete security and technology support.
  • No code generation required for XML configuration.
  • To reduce the build configuration, provide dependencies.
  • Deploy Undertow, Jetty, or Tomcat directly.

2. Git

Git is a vital tool for JAVA developers, and it is recommended that every JAVA developer learn it. This is a version control system that may be used to manage any number of projects. It is a completely free open-source system. It emphasizes non-linear workflows, data integrity, and speed.

Git was founded by Linus Torvalds in 2005, and it is a comprehensive version control system that you can use directly. To help you learn more about Git, we’ve highlighted some of its features. 

  • This is a distributed extension aids in the creation of a duplicate of the development history.
  • It has a toolkit-based design that gives a well-defined model for linking approaches.
  • Toolkit-based design aids in the reduction of the composite part.
  • Git has strong support for non-linear extension, with scaling and branching being two key features. Git is a great tool for non-linear development.
  • Huge project management that is well-organized: A locally stored repository aids in the transparent management of large projects.

Compatibility with existing systems and practices: Any technology requires the use of various publishing mechanisms such as FTP and HTTP. These publishing tools are also supported by Git.

3. Jenkins

Jenkins is an open-source automation Continuous Delivery and Integration tool that is derived from JAVA programming. It automates the software development process and supports many version control tools.

It’s plugins are now available for use with code written in different languages. Here are three compelling reasons to go with Jenkins. It provides higher-quality software than the competition.

With Jenkins, development gets faster thanks to automated technologies that handle integration.

4. Docker

Docker is a Linux-based language created in the Go programming language. It’s also a must-have for aspiring Java 2022 developers. Docker provides containerization-related tools. It was also released in a stable state at the end of 2018. It is in charge of managing the container, or group of software programs.

5. Unit Testing

Unit testing is an essential skill for JAVA developers that you should learn in the coming year. For those working in Java, towards integration and unit testing, there are several tools and frameworks, for example, Cucumber for automated integration testing and the Robot framework. Mockito is also a tool that will help you use your unit testing skills.

6. Java 10, 11, or maybe 12

Java is one of the most widely used languages in the world and knowing it is a must for JAVA developers. REPL is how it’s called (Real Evaluation Print Loop). The Java Shell is covered in detail in Java 9. Java 9 executes and tests well-known Java features such as declarations, objects, interfaces, and classes. You can alternatively upgrade to a newer version of Java, such as Java 10, 11, or 12. Java 12 is the most recent version of the Java programming language.

7. DevOps

DevOps was also one of the most important skills for Java developers to learn in 2022. It is a powerful method of managing software development. DevOps is a strategy for software development operations that reduces the development cycle of a system while still offering updates, features, and other benefits to corporate objects. It allows for improved cooperation and communication by bringing processes and IT development closer together.

Key Features of DevOps are

  • Very less steps
  • Support for existing systems
  • Using system translation
  • Deploying a DevOps toolkit

8. Groovy

In 2022, Groovy will be one of the most important tools for Java developers to learn. Java is praised by Apache Groovy since it supports Java syntax. One of Groovy’s best qualities is that it can be used both statically and dynamically. It can be used as a scripting or programming language, as well as a Java platform. Java, Python, Perl, and Ruby all have an impact.

9. Apache Spark and Kafka

Apache Spark and Kafka are two must-have technologies for Java 2022 developers, both of which were released in a stable state at the end of 2018. It Spark is a free and open-source framework for cluster computing.

For activities like basic I/O, scheduling, and dispatching, Spark provides an application interface. It provides a stream processing platform that is open source as well. Apache Kafka’s Java and Scala code, in particular.

Features of Apache Spark are 

  • Real-time stream processing
  • Integration
  • Advanced analysis
  • Multilingual support
  • Speed

The main features of Apache Kafka are

  • No downtime
  • High performance
  • Reliable
  • Robustness
  • Data conversion
  • Replication
  • Docker

We’ve reviewed the most important skills for Java developers to learn in order to enhance their careers in the year 2022. This does not imply that Java developers should master all of the abilities listed above. The talents are evaluated by India’s top Java app development businesses, as previously said.