What is Angular Development?

Angular is a web-application framework written in Typescript. It is led by the Angular team at Google, along with other individuals and corporations. Angular is by far one of the most popular frameworks for building large, enterprise-level applications.  Websites like Microsoft Office Home, IBM, PayPal, Google Marketing Platform, and Forbes also use Angular.

Angular development provides:

  • A component-based framework
  • Well-integrated libraries with a variety of features
  • Developer tool suite for developing, building, and testing the code

All these features of Angular make it a go-to framework for scalable application development. But hold on! Here are some of the reasons why you need Angular development for your project.

13 Reasons To Choose Angular Development For Your Project

1. Easy to Learn

Since Angular is based on JavaScript’s Typescript language, it is easy to learn for someone familiar with Java, HTML, or CSS. This makes it easily accessible for a large number of developers.

Moreover, The components of Angular begin in the same style, and they are independent of each other. These attributes of the components make Angular easy and quick to test. 

Consistency in coding also means simple code reading. This allows new developers to work more efficiently on an ongoing project.

2. Two-way Data Binding

With Angular development, the data and model both get modified in real-time. Compared to other frameworks, this two-way data binding makes sure that you don’t have to keep track of all the variables.

This feature is especially helpful for large applications as it will not require the manual management of variables. Automatic synchronisation with the two-way data binding feature of Angular will help developers boost their efficiency.

3. Bug Fixing Abilities

With the latest Angular development framework, a developer just needs to follow the TestBed command to fix the bugs. Now, the developers can resolve the issues in the compiler and fix bugs.

When there are a number of alternatives available for your website or application, a bug-free user experience is necessary. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise with high-performing projects, the bug-fixing and testing abilities of Angular make the framework a perfect choice for you.

4. Fast Loading Apps

When you have a high-traffic public-facing website, performance is the key. Angular’s performance optimisation helps your app load faster.

According to a Portent study from 2019, the ideal page-loading time is 0-4 seconds. Many would even go less than 2 seconds depending on the app and the technology that was used to build the app. Angular development will help you fast load your website with enhanced performance like that.

5. Inbuilt Command Line Interface (CLI)

Just by running ‘ng new’, you can create a new project, ready within minutes. This feature is possible because Angular is equipped with an inbuilt CLI that allows you to create new projects without going through the setup process.

6. Reusability

The Angular CLI and documentation style guide make the code consistent from the base. The CLI enables developers to create new projects and test them. These Angular development features will help the team to stay on the same page.

Angular allows the developers to reuse the code to simplify the coding and save time. Developers can also add more functionalities with shorter codes, once again, a boost for their productivity.

7. Simplified Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern

Angular comes embedded with the original MVC software Architectural setup. It separates the model from the view and takes care of data binding. This helps with time-saving as the developer will not have to write unnecessary codes. The development and app testing of large apps becomes a lot easier with the simplified MVC pattern of Angular development.

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8. Directives

There are different types of Angular Directives such as Components, Attribute Directives, and Structural Directives. They add a behaviour to your elements in Angular applications. You can manage what your users see in terms of forms, lists, styles, etc., with Angular’s built-in directives.

Directives make it possible to write less code for your web pages and applications. You can call them an extension to HTML.

9. Ivy Renderer

Ivy Rendered translates the templates and components into JavaScript codes. It also helps applications with faster component loading, and code debugging, and makes the app user-friendly.

Ivy renderer makes Angular a feature-rich platform for app development as the Ivy renderer makes the framework more accessible with lesser file sizes.

10. PWA & SPA

Progressive Web Application (PWA) and Single Page Applications (SPA) are also the reason why you need Angular development in your project. PWA reduces the app’s dependency on the network by letting it run as a website.

SPA, on the other hand, provides rendering capabilities on the server-side, which helps in better SEO rankings. SPA also helps in loading the first page quickly, improving the website performance on small, low-powered devices.

11. Client-side Solutions

With Angular, the code runs on the system of the user. The browser runs the scripts on the client’s computer without any processing on the server-side. It also gives more control over your project’s front-end and how it functions. These features make Angular a must for your project.

12. Template & Filters

Templates make it easy to build applications with Angular development. You will find HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pre-compiled into the framework. Templates make it easy to manage the resources in one place, compiled together.

Filters are clean and efficient ways to organise your projects. Multiple filters of the Angular framework help you filter data to the right place.

13. Community Support

When choosing the framework for your project, you want to make sure that the technology you are choosing has a future and is supported well. Angular is backed by Google and promises long-time support.

The web toolkits provided by Google help developers create pages that add value to their projects. Angular also enjoys the community support from the core development team and the developers who suggest improvements in the framework.

In short, there are many resources available for Angular to help you out anytime you need.


With the features it offers, Angular development surely makes a strong case for itself to be used in your next projects, regardless of the scale they operate at.

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