Developed by Sun Micro systems in 1995, and currently owned by Oracle since 2010, Java is one of the most used programming languages by developers. Most of the applications and websites that we see today find their roots in Java, be it enterprise software, mobile apps, or games. Many financial applications used by banks all over the world are also created with Java. So, what makes Java the perfect choice for web application software development? And if you are looking forward to hiring a dedicated Java developer, why should you choose Java for your web application software? Let’s find out.

Reasons To Choose Java for Web Application Software Development

Here are some of the unmissable reasons to choose Java for your web application. It is platform independent, highly secure, has a rich set of APIs, community support, excellent IDEs, multi threading, scalability, efficient memory management, and it is used by some of the most loved web applications around the world. Let’s understand it in detail.

1. Platform Independent

This is one of the most important reasons why a developer should choose Java for web application software development. When it is said that Java is a platform-independent language, it means that you can write your code for web applications once, and it can run through a number of platforms without having to rewrite the code for every platform. Java allows you to create your web application without having to rely on one set of hardware or operating systems. It saves the time and cost of development, and the developers can concentrate on creating the web applications without having to worry about the platforms they are making them for.

2. Highly Secure

Another reason why developers choose Java for their web application development is because of the security it offers. Developers can create an API that includes secure login mechanisms, custom security policies, digital signatures, ciphers, and more. All of these are possible because of Java’s advanced authentication, access control, and cryptography features. These in-built highly secure features make Java one of the most preferred tools for web applications for developers.

3. A Rich Set Of APIs

rich apis

If you want to hire remote java developer for your project, they should know about the rich set of APIs that Java offers. These APIs are freely available for the developers, and Java also provides APIs for I/O, XML Parsing, Database Connection, networking, and whatever you can think about. For the rest, you can use open source libraries like Google Guava, Jackson, Apache Commons, Apache, POI, and many more.

4. Used In So Many Real-World Applications

Why should you choose Java for your web application development? Here’s a short answer: because everyone else is. Big names like Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, and Facebook also use Java for their development. This should give developers enough confidence in Java’s abilities for great application development. For enterprise-level applications, Java is the way to go for a lot of developers. It can operate in the industries like finance, manufacturing, and healthcare as well! It has even been proven to be capable of keeping up with the latest technologies like AR/VR, Smart devices, Data mining, Games, the Internet of Things, and cloud development.

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5. An Amazing Community Support

Since it is used by a large number of developers and high-end scalable applications, there is a lot of community support available for Java web application developers. The huge community associated with Java offers resources like online forums and groups where knowledge is constantly shared among the developers. There are also open source organizations and Stack Overflows to help you out with everything related to this programming language. Most importantly, if you are a beginner, this community support can guide you through a number of obstacles. Many open-source Java developers contribute to these communities, and help is available for the developers readily!

6. Excellent IDEs And Tools To Make You More Productive

One of the reasons that make Java a perfect choice for web development is the availability of IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). With IDEs, you can improve your productivity considerably. Two of the most popular IDEs among the developers for Java are NetBeans and Eclipse. However, they are not all. There are many open-source tools available out there. These open-source tools and plugins help developers with creating and testing their web applications seamlessly.

7. Supports Multi-Threading

Java can manage multiple users and threads at the same time because of its multithreading capabilities. Making multiple copies of the code is not required with Java, and the developers can execute multiple copies of the code as required by the application. This multithreaded environment of Java ensures faster response time, fewer issues, faster concurrent access, multiple operations, and better performance of your web application.

8. Scalable

Java can be used to create highly scalable web applications that can handle the increased workload easily. With this scalability comes the handling abilities for larger data sets and higher request rates. Java would be able to work around the need for the application and scale itself both vertically and horizontally according to the requirements. If you want to improve the response time and performance of your application, simple coding can help you achieve that with minimal effort, once again improving your productivity.

9. Object-Oriented Programming Language

Object-Oriented Programming Language

Java is an Object-oriented programming language. That helps in keeping the system modular, flexible, and highly scalable. Due to these features of an object-oriented language, Java becomes the first choice for developers for web application development. Basically, objects that you create in Java can be reused across the application. This reusability also helps in saving the cost and the time of application development.

10. Memory Management

With Java, there is an automatic system to manage memory. Memory management is quick and efficient with Java web applications. The Java objects are stored in a structure called ‘heap’, which is formed at the start of an application and increases and decreases depending on the execution. When it is filled, the ‘garbage’ is discarded. The objects that are not in use anymore will be deleted for new objects. Before being discarded, the old objects are stored in ‘previous space’. This system of memory management makes Java one of the most preferred options for website application development.

11. Budget-Friendly

Last but not least, Java is pocket-friendly. It being a universally popular language helps with the cost you pay for the Java web application development. However, if you are hiring a Java developer for your project, many factors would affect the final price of your project. The trick is to find the right developers for your needs. And that’s where Infiraise comes in! With the latest tools and technologies, you can hire a Java developer for all your development needs at the best prices available!

Ending Note

Hope we are clear now about why Java is one of the go-to options for developers around the world when it comes to web application development. If you also want your idea to be converted into a Java web application, get in touch with us now!