When it comes to mobile app development for the healthcare industry, security and reliability are the most essential requirements. For years, reliable healthcare applications have been far and few, but the scenario is slowly changing with developers choosing the right framework to build their applications. With its security, privacy, reliability, and efficiency, it makes perfect sense to choose Laravel for Healthcare App Development.

The benefits one gets with Laravel development for healthcare apps are unmatched. There is security, ease of development, traffic management, efficient data exchange, and the community of the framework makes it a perfect fit. We will discuss these in detail, but first, let’s have a look at Laravel as a framework.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework with MVC (model-view-controller) architecture. A modular packaging system, dependency manager, and some ways of accessing relational databases are some of the features of the Laravel framework.

The framework is one of the most popular out there, and for entrepreneurs who want to develop a healthcare application, it proves to be a great choice with data management, security, and privacy features. Developing a healthcare mobile application based only on PHP would be too much to manage, therefore, hiring Laravel developers will help business owners immensely.

8 Reasons to Choose Laravel for Healthcare App

Reasons to Choose Laravel for Healthcare App

1. Security 

When you are working with healthcare apps, the safety and security of the application are of utmost priority. Laravel offers that security option to prevent breaches and hacking of any kind. The details of patients and all the other information will be secure because of Laravel’s app development process. You don’t need to worry about the security of the app with Laravel. It offers top-notch security for building apps for businesses, and healthcare is one of those.

2. Ease of Development

Even with a little technical knowledge, developers can create robust applications with Laravel. It is an open-source framework with convenient programming methods. However, it will always be worth hiring a professional Laravel developer who will understand the specific requirements of healthcare applications, and the features required for them to function, and know how to execute ideas into an application of your vision.

3. Built-in Project Environment 

With Laravel, developers can manage a ton of things during the app development process. Laravel simplifies lengthy and complex programming tasks for developers. The structured coding of Laravel for application development is ideal for faster healthcare app development.

4. Traffic Management

The message queue system of Laravel will help you manage the traffic and keep the server at an optimum state. This is important with a healthcare application because there will be a lot of incoming traffic with several queries like any other business application. Managing that high incoming amount of traffic or load can sometimes be tricky, but not with Laravel.

5. Communication Advantages

The optional carbon package of Laravel can help you with the time and date management process. This can completely change how you manage your healthcare business in terms of appointments and management-to-customer or professional-to-customer communication. A large number of health specialists can be managed with a number of patients, all at once in different parts of the world.

6. Data Exchange

To consume third-party APIs, Laravel allows GuzzleHttp within a service created by developers. GuzzleHttp is a PHP HTTP client to send HTTP requests with web services. With handling tasks like accessing servers with FTP and transactional emails, there are some external services that you may need to integrate into your healthcare app. And just like that, data exchange is made easy for Laravel developers.

7. Popular Framework

When a framework is as popular as this one, creating a healthcare application with Laravel will give you the confidence of the community it will have. All the help and support you need for Laravel is readily available at the time of conceptualizing, developing, and deploying the application, and even after the deployment.

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8. Adaptive Ecosystem

If you are looking for an application in the healthcare industry, you may need to integrate some packages in your application with Laravel. The framework has one of the fastest-growing ecosystems and whatever problems you face, the solution will be just around the corner with a large number of open-source packages available.

For these technical reasons, it makes perfect sense to hire a Laravel expert for a healthcare app. However, when talking about healthcare apps, HIPAA compliance should not be avoided. Laravel helps with that, too! Here is how.

Laravel & HIPAA Compliance

Laravel & HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of the USA is aimed at modernizing the flow of information in the healthcare and the healthcare insurance industry. It protects personal healthcare information against fraud and theft.

Now, big healthcare firms and businesses need to be HIPAA compliant to implement trust in their healthcare workers and patients. With their data safe and sound, they will bring loyalty to your organization.

The industries that need HIPAA compliance are:

  • Chiropractors
  • Clearing houses
  • Dentists
  • Health insurance agencies
  • Health Plans
  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmacies
  • Psychologists

But how are HIPAA and Laravel connected? Here is why if you want your organization to be HIPAA compliant, Laravel could help.

  • Developers can build Laravel applications with security in mind. A user can be blocked after multiple failed attempts of login. This can help in preventing healthcare fraud.
  • Data can be shared within the firm, in the applications, or even across the network, providing health insurance portability when a patient gets into job lock because of their health.
  • Encryption of the data and health information can be applied with the Laravel mobile application.
  • Not only prioritizes privacy, but maintains it with Laravel security updates frequently.

It is important to remember that outside of the USA, HIPAA may not be universally recognized and HIPAA also does not certify organizations working outside of the USA.

As a developer, the patient’s protected health information (PHI) is an important aspect of developing a healthcare mobile application, and it may be authorized by the country in which your application will be deployed. Moreover, one can get verified by HIPAA in some cases, but not certified.

What Makes Laravel Perfect for Healthcare Apps?

What Makes Laravel Perfect for Healthcare Apps?

Apart from technical reasons to choose Laravel for your healthcare app, here is how it helps everyone involved. 

Laravel Healthcare Application For Doctor, Patient and Clinics


Laravel can help doctors with managing their schedules for the day, patient monitoring, online remote consulting, e-prescriptions, customized care, and managing their patient data on the application.

Wearable healthcare technology developed with Laravel can give doctors access to multiple patient data with fitness trackers and other wearables. Doctors can make quick decisions with the data at their fingertips.


For patients, the Laravel heath application can send notifications with medical reminders, show medical reports, maintain health records, schedule appointments, and online consultations with doctors.


A Laravel healthcare application can automate the workflow of a clinic, and help with accounts and billing, medication inventory management, and insurance management of the patients.

Summing Up

For patients, doctors, business owners, and developers; Laravel makes a great option for developing a healthcare application. With the features that this framework offers, it checks multiple boxes on the requirements list. If you are also looking forward to developing a healthcare application, you can hire dedicated Laravel developers with Infiraise for all your development needs.