There are several web & mobile app development languages available for developers. And along with those languages, there are many powerful frameworks to make a developer’s job easier. However, what’s not easy is finding the perfect framework that fulfills most of your project requirements. That’s where Angular saves the day! It is considered one of the latest technologies for web and app development.

Many high-end industry leader organizations hire angular developers for their web and mobile application development. Today, we will be talking about how Angular is used for enhanced web and app development. But before that, let’s understand what Angular is.

What is Angular?

Built and maintained by Google, Angular is a versatile, robust, and dynamic open-source framework. It was first released in 2016 and was a complete rewrite of AngularJS, developed by the same team that built AngularJS. It offers ease of use, simplified development, scalability, and much more to developers, and therefore has been a favorite framework for web and mobile application development.

AngularJS for Web & Mobile Application: The Features 

These are some of the Angular features that make Angular the best tool to develop enhanced web and mobile applications:

Basic Features

  1. TypeScript: Since Angular is built with TypeScript, the codes will be clean and easy to understand. The bugs are easy to spot with TypeScript, too.
  2. MVC Architecture: The MVC component helps a web app made with Angular to have the look and feel of a native application.
  3. Two-way Data Binding: With two-way data binding, the changes done in existing modules reflect in real time. It makes the updates easier and time-saving.

Cross-platform Features 

Cross-platform Features
  1. Progressive Web App: This web platform capability of Angular will allow you to deliver an app-like experience with an offline, zero-step installation.
  2. Native: You can build native apps with strategies from Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript.
  3. Desktop: Create desktop applications for operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Linux with the ability to access native OS APIs.

Features for Speed & Performance

  1. Code Generation: With Angular, your templates are turned into code that is optimized for JavaScript virtual machines. It gives you the benefits of a hand-written code and saves your time at the same time.
  2. Universal: You can render your applications in HTML and CSS instantly on Node.js, .NET, PHP, and near-instant for the first view. This also allows your creations to be optimized for SEO.
  3. Code Splitting: The automatic code-splitting allows users to only load the code required to render the view they request, thanks to the component router. 

Features That Increase Productivity

  1. Templates: With simple and powerful templates, you can create your UI quicker than ever.
  2. CLI: Build components fast, add them, test them, and when ready, deploy them with the command line interface.
  3. IDEs: In Angular, you get intelligent code completion, instant errors, and feedback in IDEs.

Development Features

  1. Testing: With integrated app testing of Angular, you can test the app right away for bugs and errors.
  2. Animation: With Angular’s intuitive API, you can create complex choreography and high-performance animation timelines with minimal codes.
  3. Accessibility: Angular offers ARIA-enabled components, developer guides, and built-in a11y testing to the developers to create accessible applications.

Pros & Cons of AngularJS

Pros & Cons of AngularJS

These features that we discussed above sure make Angular a great choice for an enriching web and mobile application development choice. However, before you go ahead and hire an Angular developer for your project, make an informed decision! There are some pros and cons that come with the framework you should be aware of:


  • Angular offers great app speed
  • It is an Ideal framework for single-page web apps
  • Comes with a modularized animation package
  • Angular helps in Boosting the app performance
  • With the productivity of a framework, it facilitates fast development with less coding
  • There is full Typescript support for heavy apps with Angular
  • Since it is backed by Google, it is considered reliable and there is a ton of community support and resource available


  • Learning Angular development isn’t easy for beginners
  • It has Complex development modules
  • It has Difficult customizing/integration capabilities
  • In some cases, more suitable for big projects than smaller ones

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of Angular, it’s time to have a look at who should be considering Angular for web and mobile application development.

Let us help you take advantage of these Angular features

Who Uses Angular?

Here are some of the top applications built with Angular, to give you an idea of what this framework is able to create:

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • UpWork
  • PayPal
  • Grasshopper

These are sure some of the giant players and industry-leading applications. But who else can use Angular for their project? Let’s have a look at some industries that can benefit from Angular’s abilities.

Ideal Projects For Angular

Angular can be used across industries for all sorts of web and mobile application development. Here are just some of the projects that would benefit from choosing Angular for their enhanced web and mobile app development.

1. Social Media

Apps like LinkedIn were built with Angular. The framework has the ability to handle real-time changes and updates, communication, and a large amount of data which makes it a perfect choice if you want to make a dynamic social media application.

2. Weather Apps

Angular has the ability to stream real-time live data that is interactive. This makes it a perfect choice for weather update apps. is also built on Angular because of this feature.

3. Job Portals

Once again, because Angular can update frequent changes in the data seamlessly, job portals like Freelancer and UpWork prefer Angular. It also has interactive abilities that complement well with these applications.

4. Media and Chat Apps

Along with the streaming of live data, Angular can also stream media with the least amount of lag. Moreover, Angular has the best technology suited for chatting apps.


These benefits, versatility, and the worldwide acceptance of Angular make it a perfect choice for advanced web and mobile application development. If you also think your idea or project requires the features that come with Angular, hire a dedicated Angularjs developer today, with Infiraise, to meet all your project requirements and customizations.