If you want out-of-the-box functionalities with scalability for your application, Angular is the framework to go for. To handle the development and its management, you will need to hire an AngularJS developer, and once you decide on that, understanding the cost to Hire an AngularJS developer becomes a necessity.

However, many factors like the scale of your projects and the features of your app will affect the cost of development. Today, we will be discussing different factors affecting the cost to hire an AngularJS developer.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Hire an AngularJS developer

There are a number of elements that will determine your cost to hire an AngularJS developer. From the scale of the project to features, and the skills that are required. Let’s break them down one by one.

Project Scale

Project Scale

This may be the most apparent factor, helping you to determine the cost to hire an AngularJS developer. As mentioned, a lot of factors affect the cost, but none will give you a clear idea about the cost as this one. The size of your project, small, medium, or enterprise level, will play an important role in the process.

1. Enterprise

These projects would require a team of developers and will have complex functions added. For this, there would be advanced integrations and management tools. For such projects, experienced developers are required, too. Projects on this scale also require QA and testing teams. Compared to small and medium-scale projects, these projects would cost the most when it comes to hiring developers.

2. Medium

The scale with medium-scale development is smaller than the enterprise level but not as basic as the small scale. Normally, these projects would require developers to add third-party integrations and APIs. The simplest example of this would be a chatbot for a website. These third-party integrations are paid and therefore add to the cost of the development.

3. Small

For these projects, you may not need an entire team of AngularJS developers, but you may just need to hire an AngularJS developer on an hourly basis. For start-ups and small-sized businesses, the requirements are not very complex and add-ons are not required. Therefore, project managers will save both time and money on small-scale development.



The features of the applications will decide the complexity of the project, and it will be an important factor affecting the cost of hiring AngularJS developers. Simple and basic features will require less development time and resources, and vice-versa, complex features will add to the time and money spent on the development.

If one is aiming at a high-end application with AI-based functions and real-time data processing, it will require a developer with intense coding skills. Now, the higher the expertise, the higher the cost for AngularJS developers.

On the other hand, a single-page application (SPA) will be a simple development process that could be finished in fewer hours, and thus less costly than a feature-rich application.



When you are hiring a developer, their skill set would be a deciding factor. Their skills will add value to your project. Therefore, the overall cost of hiring would depend on the skill set of developers, too. Some of these skills to look forward to, are:

1. Build Tools

The developer you would be hiring should have knowledge of the build tools like Angular CLI, Schematics, Material, and Webpack. They will help create components and modules for your app.

2. User Interface Tools

Additional to their development skills, knowledge of Angular templates would be required as well. Third-party libraries like Angular Material and ng-bootstrap are an advantage, too.

3. TypeScript

Since Angular is built on TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, the developer should have knowledge of both languages, or at least should be handy with one of them. Again, these skills will determine the cost of hiring AngularJS developers.

4. Architecture

The performance of an app will depend a lot on its architecture and it also lends to a better user experience. An AngularJS developer must be aware of different components and modules related to the framework. 

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Hiring Models

Dedicated Team of AngularJS developers

A remote team of developers will work on your project with a dedicated representative as your point of contact. This is the best and most affordable way to hire offshore AngularJS developers. This will be the least expensive model of the ones listed here. There are also options to go for full-time hiring, part-time hiring, and hourly-based hiring.

Client Managed Team

In a client-managed team, you will be directly involved in project management. Your requirements will determine who you hire and directly manage the resources from your end. Since you will be managing the teams, it can be a little more expensive than a dedicated model for you.


Hybrid, as the name suggests, is the best of both worlds. This will give you the flexibility of both models depending on your project needs. And just like that, the cost of this hiring model will vary.

Cost of Experienced AngularJS developers

The experience-based cost plays a similar role as the skill-based costs. More experienced developers would bring value to your projects and since they have worked on Angular for a long time, they would know how to work their way with the framework to make the most out of it.

Senior Level

For someone who has more than seven years of experience in Angular, they would know Angular, HTML, CSS, and responsive web design in and out. With experience, comes leadership qualities, so they may also help you lead a team of developers.

They should have experience working with cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. Senior AngularJS developers should also have skills like SCSS, Adobe Analytics, RxJS, Cardova, and an experience in Agile development methods.


Developers at this level would have an experience of four to six years. They can build custom features into apps, optimize apps, and integrate third-party services. The knowledge of system architecture is a must for them, and they can also lead a team of developers.

They should have some experience managing or collaborating with designers and other developers. Their knowledge of project management tools will prove to be a bonus for employers in the long run. They should also be comfortable with cross-platform deployment.

Junior Level

Here, you are looking at someone who’s freshly graduated or has under three years of experience. They will have a basic knowledge of the framework, troubleshooting, and debugging.

Developers have an idea about database concepts like SQL, schema designs, and stored procs. They should also be familiar with test-driven development and the development lifecycle.

Geographic Factor

The location also plays an important role in determining the cost to hire AngularJS developers. In North America, where the yearly costs of hiring developers can go higher than $150,000 whereas, in Asia, the average comes down to $9,533! According to Arc Here is how a geographic factor plays an important role in the cost of an AngularJS developer.

Cost to Hire AngularJS developers in Asia

Asia has some of the best developers with very affordable costs compared to the other parts of the world. India, among them all, provides great solutions with minimal resources and excellent results with Angular development with average development costs of $7,277. Other countries in Asia include Malaysia at $11,203 and the Philippines at $15,900. Places like Israel and Singapore may cost you upwards of $44,000 and $42,000 respectively.

Hire AngularJS developers cost in Asia

Cost to Hire AngularJS developers in Australia

For highly skilled AngularJS developers, Australia is a great place to look for. However, the prices can be overwhelming at times, with the average falling between $38,400 and $90,931. It will all depend on the project requirements and developer experience.

Cost to Hire AngularJS developers in East Europe

For western countries where the development costs can get really high, eastern European developers proves to be a better alternative. Countries like Ukraine and Poland are good options in the East Europe market, with Ukraine’s Angular development cost averaging $9,000-$42,000, and $17,000-$53,000 for Poland.

Hire AngularJS developers cost in East Europe

Cost to Hire AngularJS developers in North America

The major markets for hiring a dedicated AngularJS developer in North America are the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The quality of developers in this market is uncompromised, but they come at a hefty cost, too.

Hire AngularJS developers cost in North America

Cost to Hire AngularJS developers in West Europe

Similar to North America, the quality of AngularJS developers in west Europe is really high. However, compared to East Europe, the costs are high. In the UK, the average AngularJS developer cost is $45,900, for Switzerland, it’s $37,400. France and the Netherlands cost $40,900 and $55,700 respectively.

AngularJS developers cost in West Europe

Freelancer or Dedicated AngularJS developer?

For a project with limited scope and budget, hiring freelancer developers can be a good choice. They are available based on your engagement time and project requirements and are paid according to that. This flexibility with freelancers brings them into demand for a lot of project managers.

However, freelancers are not dedicated developers working for you, and therefore, they may be working simultaneously with other clients as well. In that case, there are chances of quality taking a hit. Many project heads also face productivity issues with freelancer developers.

On the other hand, hiring a team of dedicated developers may seem costly, but it will help the quality and scalability of your project. There is better quality and productivity on offer with a dedicated, experienced team of AngularJS developers.


The cost to hire AngularJS developers will depend on a number of factors like location, experience levels, skill set, and the hiring model you want to work with. If you have an idea that you want to make a reality with Angular or are looking to optimize your app with Angular, get in touch today to understand how much it would cost you to hire an AngularJS developer.