Infiraise and TridhyaTech, two companies offering core IT services and software development, announced their merger today, expanding their portfolio to serve global clients more effectively. The combined company will operate under TridhyaTech. The companies decided on a merger in 2022, to take their collective success to the next level.

This will open up new horizons for everyone involved, growing together in this journey. The combined team effort will help both companies with better, effective innovation to serve the businesses. The merger will offer services like mobile-app-web development, ERP development for enterprises, customer experience solutions, AI & ML, UI/UX services, Digital Marketing consulting, automation, cloud management, and much more.

Moreover, this will prove to be an opportunity for Infiraise and TridhyaTech to extend their services in their respective expertise. It will expand the global geographical reach of the companies. At the outset of the journey, the excitement is prevalent for reaching new heights of success collaboratively. 

About Infiraise

Established in 2020, Infiraise is a Digital IT service provider offering digital transformation services to simplify digitization of the enterprises.
They offer start-to-finish digital services and technical solutions for designing, developing, and deploying services in an effective and efficient manner.

About TridhyaTech

TridhyaTech brings specialized and unique technical solutions for global leaders of many industries.
Since its inception in 2022, the company has helped businesses of any scale, from startups to enterprises. With operations in the UK, Germany, and India, the growth has been exceptional for TridhyaTech.

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