Angular is a JavaScript-based framework used by a large number of developers for creating mobile and desktop applications. It is led and backed by the development team at Google since 2009. With features like modular structure, consistent code, and declarative UI, a lot of companies hire Angular developers for engaging website design.

Before we move on to why you should use Angular for your projects, let’s understand a little more about the framework itself.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source framework used for front-end development. The  main advantage of angular is that the framework employs TypeScript, which is based on JavaScript. Because of that, it helps the web development agency in creating lighter and faster programs. It helps developers write clean and understandable code. With the ability to see common errors as you type, the bugs are also easy to spot and eliminate. There is no need for third-party libraries when creating dynamic applications. Those who manage large enterprise-level projects also hire Angular developers for their applications.

Now that you know what Angular is and why it’s popular, here are 5 reasons why it can help you in developing engaging and attractive website design and justifies the use of Angular in web development.

Reasons To Choose Angular For Engaging Website Design

1. Angular’s Optimized Server Communication

Angular allows you to produce static files, and by doing so, it eliminates the extra load on the CPU. Caching becomes a walk in the park with Angular. Moreover, the response to API calls is quite fast with Angular.

The pages in the document object model are rendered for user actions in Angular applications. This ensures a quick user experience and the user does not have to wait for the app to become fully engaged.

2. Make a Modern UI With Angular’s Material Elements

Since it is managed by Google, Angular follows the material design standards of Google itself. There are buttons, indicators, layout, navigation elements, and pre-installed data tables in Angular.

The framework is capable of creating apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google app, and many more. These apps have become an integral part of people’s lives, and with Angular, you can create something like that, too!

Moreover, Angular comes with declarative UI, which focuses more on the aesthetics of an application, compared to imperative UI which would focus more on the ‘how’ of the UI. Since it’s declarative UI, the Angular framework will use defaults and context to create the UI you are looking for.

3. A Perfect Framework for One-Page Applications

There are two factors that affect a rich user experience of a single-page application. The first one is, that when the website will load, the HTML codes, CSS, and JavaScript should be obtained at the same time. The second is, that they should be received when they are required, based on user behavior and actions.

There is no page loading when the users are surfing on the app, therefore a dynamic contact with servers is a necessity. Angular manages all these factors quite easily. If your project needs a single-page application, Angular can provide you with an engaging and attractive design.

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4. Angular’s Ability to Separate GUI from Business Logic With Model-view-ViewModel (MVVM)

Model-view-ViewModel is an architectural pattern that allows the separation of the development of GUI from the business or backend logic. This translates to a view that is not dependent on the model platform. It converts the data objects in such a way that they become easy to manage and present.

So when you hire Angular developers for your project, they will feel more confident with building a clean UI consisting of a seamless business logic that is separate from the UI components. The controller’s rapid communication between the model and the view component shows the data as rapidly as possible.

5. Constantly Improving: Next-Gen Ivy Render & Much More for Enhanced Performance

If you want a user-friendly app experience, Ivy render offers exceptional code debugging. The file sizes are low, the framework more accessible, and as a result of that, a feature-rich platform. With more and more Angular engine updates coming, it’s only going to get better.

For example, the latest Angular 14 update on June 2, 2022, was one of the most systematic pre-planned Angular updates with features like standalone components, optional injectors, better template diagnostics, and much more.

See It Yourself: Companies Using Angular

Want to know how attractive and engaging your website application can be, with Angular? There’s no better way to see it in real-time, than on the websites you already use. Some of the companies that use Angular are:

  • MS Office
  • Samsung
  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • PayPal
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Grasshopper

A Quick Rundown

Angular, an open-source framework written in TypeScript can be perfect for your project’s engaging and attractive website designs with its optimized server communication, modern material elements, declarative UI, a perfect platform for single-page applications, Model-view-ViewModel (MVVM), next-generation Ivy Render and many more features that aim towards engaging and attractive website design.
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