ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers as well as companies. 41% of the top 10,000 websites with the most traffic worldwide use ReactJS as their library according to BuildIt.

Today, we are discussing what makes ReactJS this popular, by exploring the benefits of ReactJS and its use cases. If you are a developer or a business owner looking forward to hiring a dedicated ReactJS developer, this will help you understand this JS library up close.

An Introduction to ReactJS

ReactJS’s initial public release took place on May 29, 2013, and it was authored by Jordan Walke. The library adheres to declarative programming instead of imperative programming. It is made of entities called components that are reusable and rendered to a particular element in the DOM.

With React 16.8, released in 2019, React Hooks were introduced. Not only do they solve previous issues developers faced while wiring and maintaining components, but Hooks also lets developers use React without classes. With such steps, ReactJS constantly keeps evolving without losing its utilities. Let’s dive into Why one should use ReactJS for their development requirements.

Why ReactJS : Benefits

1. ReactJS as A Front-end Development Library

Many businesses and industry leaders use ReactJS for their front-end developments. Here are some of the reasons why.

A. Learning Curve

ReactJs has a simple learning curve and that saves developers from spending too much time and effort on it. If a developer has spent years learning a framework, beginning with a new one can prove to be challenging and time-consuming for them.

However, React has an easy-to-learn interface which makes it convenient for developers to work on. If a developer knows JavaScript, they would not face any issues with React. A team of JavaScript developers can easily switch to React and get started. This is one of the reasons why it is a preferred library for many business owners and developers alike.

B. Reusability

Rewriting every small component will make an application complex and will extend the duration of the project significantly. On the other hand, a project with unique components and customizations will help you do something nobody else is doing in your industry.

High-end applications would have a large number of small modules and coding each of them would take a lot of time and resources. That’s where React comes to the rescue. With React, developers can reuse existing components throughout the application, whichever way they like.

C. Declarativeness

With React, every time there is a view or component that needs to be created, the library would only be concerned with what has to be deployed. This will speed up the application building process and it makes debugging and deployment extremely easy. Moreover, Declarativeness also brings flexibility and ease of operation for the developers.

D. Abstraction

ReactJs offers abstraction, which makes it easier for developers to keep up with the development process. It will help the end product as well since the app architecture and design can be created the way a developer would like to. ReactJS also hinders the end-users from accessing the internal code.

E. Ecosystem

The ecosystem of ReactJS consists of domain experts and many skilled developers. There are built-in tools for designing, creating, and developing applications with ReactJS. The charts, graphics, modules, and document tools available to a ReactJS developer help in cutting the development time short. These tools are feature-rich and not at all complex to incorporate.

2. ReactJS For Business Owners

ReactJS For Business Owners

So now you know why ReactJS is a perfect choice for front-end development. But if you are not a developer but a project manager or someone who wants to implement React, what’s in it for you? Let’s see why you should hire a ReactJS developer.

A. Security

The security of a project is one of the most important factors for business owners. ReactJS is a safe front-end technology for building enterprise-level applications. Along with being advanced and responsive, it is a risk-free option, too.

B. Scalability

Tools like Redux or Flux, Node.js on the backend, and the ecosystem of ReactJS consist of high-end tools. The primary component and abstraction in this library take in data and outputs an illustration of the DOM. The scalable architecture pattern allows creating states in the DOM, which will make it easy for developers to break down and test React components.

C. Reliability

You can eliminate the errors and make the development process extremely accessible with React. React provides the data of a snippet of code and an exact section for developers to make a specific part of the User interface.

3. ReactJS For Developers

ReactJS For Developers

A. Accessible JSX file

Developers can shape refillable UI modules with React while utilizing the benefits of both HTML and JavaScript. This is possible because React mixes JavaScript and HTML in one JSX file. React developers can write codes like HTML, making the library fast and useful.

B. Flux Program design

The model part of MVC architecture is handled by the programming language flux. The others are managed by React. It allows data layers to be created in JavaScript and recognizes and brings more Actions.

C. User Interface Components

In React, developers define the preferred components and their interfaces related to functional requirements. This translates to an enhanced development process. There is the freedom to frame and state user interfaces for developers.

D. Data Flow Design

Developers can have better control over the function with the unidirectional data flow. This is possible because of React’s clean data flow design during application.

E. React Native

React Native is something that helped in transforming mobile app development. React uses an assortment of native code for iOS and Android to write exclusive elements. The output state and view layer are treated as the same by React. Therefore, you can write code for both mobile and web.

F. Virtual DOM

With the assistance of Virtual DOM, React can demonstrate two versions of the DOM. Variances and updates are noted by the parts of the UI. A virtual demonstration of UI is kept in the memory and then synced with the real DOM by the library.

G. Support For Components

React supports the use of components based on the application requirements. These refillable mechanisms can be used persistently in mixed or singular form with React, making it a perfect choice for front-end developers.

Need Reactjs Developers For Your Front-end?

Why ReactJS: Use Cases

The other side of ‘Why ReactJS’ is about the use cases of the library. Why, in a particular use case, will it make perfect sense to use ReactJS for your development? Let’s find out.

1. Single Page Applications or SPAs

For any application, a dynamic and swift response to the user’s reaction is a must-have. This is where single-page applications come in handy, and lately, they have gained a lot of popularity. With less bandwidth, you can experience better performance since the website will not have to reload each time the user will perform an action.

2. Objects on A Large Scale

React allows a component-based approach to design applications with complicated server-side and an array of workflows.

3. Interactive UIs & Apps

Whenever you want a complex UI with high performance, React will help you simplify the process of creating one.

4. Apps With Frequent Dynamic Updates

Applications that have static pages but require content updates frequently can utilize React for development needs.

5. ECommerce

ReactJS can be a perfect choice for eCommerce applications since it can enhance the performance of the app. React’s navigation tools and design components can help you create high-performance eCommerce applications.

6. Internet of Things

Once again, React’s server-rendering and virtual DOM allow developers to create high-performance and large-scale IoT applications in no time with its core features.

Why ReactJs: Because Everyone is!

Since it was created by Meta, Facebook is the most obvious name here. However, over the years, ReactJs has moved beyond and today, it is used by some of the most well-known names like WordPress, Uber, Twitter, and many more.

Netflix is also utilizing ReactJs to improve its runtime performance. In the rapid growth of Airbnb, ReactJs has played a big part. Yahoo mail also has worked with ReactJS, for its predictable flow and independently deployable components.

Bring Benefits of Reactjs To Your Project!

Here is the list of companies that use ReactJs as their tech stack:

  • PayPal
  • WhatsApp
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • BBC
  • Netflix
  • Yahoo
  • Airbnb
  • Uber Eats

Combinations That Win

Here are four of the backend technologies that go well with ReactJS.

1. React & Rails

If you are looking forward to a scalable application that is performance-oriented and robust, ReactJS as the front-end and Ruby on Rails as the backend is the way to go. It will help with quicker development combined with swift page rendering and a user experience to remember.

2. React & Node

With Node and React, you can experience the scope of JavaScript as a full-stack development package. React for the front end and Node for the back end will offer you a number of functionalities for your application. It also offers a scope of scalability and authentication in your application.

3. React & Laravel

Laravel has an in-built library and data migration for feature-rich architecture, whereas React will allow you to create an SEO-friendly application. Together, this makes up for the best combination for SaaS projects.

4. React & Angular

React and Angular both have reusable components that will help you create a robust framework. The React library will also aid in developing an effective overall experience for the end user of your application.


Hope this will clear any of the questions you have beginning with ‘Why ReactJS’. The benefits of ReactJS for business owners, developers, and front-end development needs are unmatchable, it is used by some of the most popular brands of today’s world, and there is a use case for React for every requirement you have.
If you also want to use ReactJS for your new or existing project and get these benefits, you will need to hire ReactJS developers. For that, Infiraise can be your perfect partner with a team of experienced developers who can create and update your project the way you want! And if you are not clear about your development tool yet, we can help with that, too. Get in touch with us now.